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Northern Lights Chorale Sponsor Program


Support the Chorale


The Northern Lights Chorale is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 


Maintaining the group takes many different kinds of support from many sources. All of the design work, logistical and artistic considerations, and marketing efforts are handled gratis by volunteer members of the group.


Despite their generosity, the chorale still incurs expenses. The chorale relies on support from patrons who:


  • attend the Fall and Spring concerts

  • introduce friends and family to the Northern Lights Chorale

  • share their experience and enjoyment with others

  • contribute (tax-deductible) financial support


The Northern Lights Chorale appreciates each and every sponsor!

Use the below QR code to access our Venmo, Paypal, and Give to the Max Donation Sites or click the link below: 


Membership Levels


Patron: $50 - $499

Chorus: $500 - $999

Soloist: $1000 - $4999

Maestro: $5000 and above


2010 - present

Recent Sponsors



Harold and Eleanor Hamilton



Tom and Barb Greenslit

Bob Dowma



Darth Keller

John P. O'Keefe, CFP, Focus Financial

Mark and Val Pender

Neil Swenson, Mechanical Services, Inc.



Susan Adix

Eric and Phyllis Barth

Norman and Joan Bennett

Philip and Kimberly Burfeind

Rob and Karen Gusaas

Natalie Haas Steffen

Mary Kaul

Mary Lewis

Jeffrey and C. Haugen Lohnes

Jeffrey and Hope Luedtke

Keith and Randi Magsam

Marcia McCormick

Eric Nielsen

Lisa Polacheck

Larry and Vickie Ottem

Thomas and Janis Redmann

Elizabeth Rem

Dorothy Stadfelt

Mary E. Stanek

Fraine and Sonje Zeitler

2010 - present

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